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Visa supplementary requirements for minor applicants


Supplementary requirements for minor visas

Attention: Only color documents in PDF format will be accepted in applications for all types of visa.


1.     If the applicant is invited to Bolivia, a letter of invitation (in Spanish) is required.

An official invitation letter notarized by the notary office of Bolivian government, which must indicate the date of visit to Bolivia, the address of accommodation of the invited person during the stay in Bolivia, the person who will bear the expenses of the invited person during the stay in Bolivia, and a photocopy of the identity of the invitee. The person inviting must go to the Foreign Affairs Office (or Visa Office) of the Bolivian Migration Office to conduct a face-to-face interview to explain the invitation. If the applicant is not invited to enter Bolivia, do not need to provide an invitation letter.

2.      An agreement letter signed by both parents of the applicant, and notarization and legalization. (Spanish translation)

The agreement letter is necessary even when traveling with parents. The content of the agreement should include the names of parents and children, passport information, reason for the trip to Bolivia, address in Bolivia, round trip time and the person responsible for the expenses.

3.     Notarization and legalization of the relative relationship between the minor and the companion. (Spanish translation)

4.     Notarization and legalization of the applicant's birth certificate. (Spanish translation)

5.     Proof of financial capacity: provide proof of bank deposits of parents or other guardians, as well as the bank statement of parents or guardians in the last six months, the original stamp is valid.

6.     The aforementioned materials are only part of the requirements when minors apply for visas. Other requirements are the same as those for adults. Please prepare the complete materials according to the different types of visa. Minors can apply for visas on behalf of their companions.



Attention: Items 1-5 above are only part of the requirements when minors apply for visas.