Embassy of Bolivia

Office Adress:
Liang Ma he(South)No.14 2-3-2 Tayuan Diplomatic Building Chaoyang Dist.
Post Code:100600
Working hours:M-F 8:30-12:30 13:30-17:30

Safe Conduct Pass


1.    Report a case to the local Public Security Bureau where you lost your passport, to apply a report of Passport Lost not a receipt.


2.    Apply a new passport or a travel pass in the Consulate of the Embassy of Bolivia in China.

a. Application letter, state the urgency of obtaining a new passport or travel certificate, signature and fingerprint of two thumbs.

b. Identity card or passport photocopy.

c.  Flight ticket itinerary.

d.  Two photos, in white background, 3 cm*3cm.

e.  Report of passport lost.

f.  Apply in person.


3.    Apply a new Chinese Visa in the Administration of Entry and Exit of the Public Security Bureau:

1)   Embassy verbal note, should state the information of the old passport, the travel certificate,Chinese visa type, and personal information.

2)   Travel certificate, original and photocopy.

3)   Report of passport lost ,original and photocopy.

4)    One colour photo, in white background, 2 inches.

5)   Accommodation Registration, original and photocopy.

6)   Visa application form.

7)   Flight ticket itinerary.  

8)   7 working days.


4.    New visa has 10 days validity.


5.    If you hold a business visa, you must apply the new visa in the city where your Chinese company located. And should provide visa application letter issued by  the Chinese company, and the business license of the company; there is no area limit for the tourist visa holders. 


Notice: Please ensure you have got a new Chinese visa, before you take a flight. Or, you can’t leave China.


Address of the Entry and Exit Management of the Public Security Bureau of Beijing:


 No.2 East Street , An Ding Men , Dongcheng(east area) District, Beijing.

The Reception Hall of the Entry and Exit Management of the Public Security Bureau of Beijing.

Bus line: line 44, line 13,line 116,line 807,line 117, line Te 2, Bus Stop Bei Xiao Jie Huo Kou.

Subway Line: line 2, Stop: Yong He Gong.

Tele:010-84015300, 010-84020101.