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Visa Application Procedure


Welcome to the new visa application system of the Plurinational State of Bolivia. The system has been updated for the applicants’convenience, please pay much attention to the requirements because they must be fully completed.


From now on the visa application form must be completed by the applicant online, to later on submit the hard copies in person to the consular office of the Plurinational State of Bolivia in The People’s Republic of China. Please check the following instructions for the process.


Notice: Only color scanned PDF files are accepted for documents uploaded for applications for all types of visas.

Steps for the visa application



1.- In your computer please access the visa application form by clicking the following link which is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese languages. From this webpage you can download the requirements and instructions to successfully complete the visa application process.


In this webpage you also need to introduce your VALID email address that immediately after your registration in the system will receive a validation code. You should enter the validation code in the next window that automatically will pop after you register your email address. Input the correct validation code will allow the system display the form to continue with the visa application procedure


2.- Enter the validation code in order to open the application form. After completing the information of each part of the questionnaire to proceed you must click on the field “CONTINUE”.


3.-Complete the visa application form (online). Please pay attention to the fields marked with an asterisk (*), those are mandatory, if those fields are empty the system will reject your application.


a)      Complete the visa application form

1)      Choose the type of visa you are applying for

2)      Fill the empty fields with the personal information of the applicant

3)      Attach a current photograph. The picture must be ID style with the following characteristics: 3cmx3cm size, white background and JPG or JPGE format (max size 150Kb). In this webpage you can also find detailed instructions on the photograph features.


b)      Passport Information, this step will require you to fill your passport information.


c)       Visa application data: in this part you should complete the information related with your visa application and your trip. Here is important to consider the following details:

1)      You should choose your main destination in Bolivia

2)      The field asking the approximate staying time in Bolivia must be related with the requested type of visa.


d)      Emergency contact information:Please add the information of a person who must be contacted in case of any emergency.


e)       Upload scanned documents required for the visa application: In this section the applicant must attach the PDFelectronic version of all the documents required by the type of visa that the applicant is requesting. Be careful to attach the file that corresponds to the document required. In order to upload the files to the system, the applicant after attaching the files must press the “upload file” button on the webpage.


1)      Requirements for tourist visa


2)      Requirements for business visa



4.- Once the form is completed and the attach files are uploaded the applicant must click the “Form Print Preview” button in order to check that the information in the system is the same as the information in the applicant’s original documents. If there are differences, the applicant must go back in the process and correct the information in the form.


5.- Once the information in the form is correct the applicant must click the button “Finish visa application”


6.-Print the completed visa application form: once the registration process is done the system will lead you to a screen displaying a code with the prefix “RREE-VC”. That code will help the applicant in the presentation of his/her printed documents at the consular office in the embassy of the Plurinational State of Bolivia in the People’s Republic of China. To print the form please press to the “display visa application form” button and press “print the visa application form” button.


7.-Please bring to the consular office in the embassy of the Plurinational State of Bolivia in the People’s Republic of China the printed and signed original visa application form and the other documents that are required for the application of the type of visa the applicant is applying for.


Important Information: The form is valid for 15 days from the date of registration